State will be better off with DeGree in office

My name is Peter Tanghe. I live in St. Paul, with my wife and son.  I am an emergency medicine/EMS physician.  I am enthusiastically supportive of Thomas DeGree’s run for the District 39B seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

I have known Tom for 24 years.  He is a trustworthy and excellent co-worker and friend.

As a colleague and Minnesotan, I have seen how Tom’s efforts as a teacher, administrator and small business owner enhance our community.  A good example is how Tom coordinated a community garden tour that raises money for FamilyMeans.  This was at the same time he was helping run Wilde Roast, finishing up the school year and running a campaign.  I admire his organizational skills, his concern and focus for other people, his leadership skills and work ethic.

As an emergency medicine physician, I am concerned about our rising health care costs, approach to payments and making sure that all people continue to have access to excellent health care.  I am thankful that Tom is running, as I believe that he has the skills to critically assess/understand the needs of our community and come up with a solution is that respectful of everyone’s needs.  Tom’s approach to his business demonstrates that he can provide services in a fiscally responsible way.

It is inspiring that someone as intelligent, organized and civic-minded as Tom is willing to walk the talk and run for office.  I know that our state (just like our schools, restaurant scene, etc) will be better off with Tom in office.


Dr. Peter Tanghe, M.D.

St. Paul