Put someone in office focused on the district

I was enjoying a visit at my friend’s house in a city outside of our district last week when I noticed a stack of local campaign flyers on her counter that looked exactly the same as campaign flyers I have received in my mailbox from Rep. Kathy Lohmer attacking her opponent, Tom DeGree. I was very surprised to find that the flyers my friend had received were in fact precisely the same, except in the place where Tom DeGree’s face and name had been on my literature was the name and face of the Democratic candidate running in my friend’s district.

It seems that the Republican Party is sending out the exact same campaign literature making the exact same blanket statements attacking Democratic candidates across the state, rather than focusing on the issues and concerns of each district.

Honestly, I’m not surprised at these cookie-cutter attacks from a woman who said she would never vote against her political party. It’s time we put someone in office whose focus in on our district and our community, not statewide party politics.


Maureen Mullaley

Lake Elmo