Keep Dierberger on the ISD 834 School Board

This year’s ISD 834 School Board election is almost completely hidden among all the local, state and national contests. That doesn’t diminish its importance. My years on the ISD 834 Board affirmed the value of our schools and our representatives, the board.

I strongly support George Dierberger for re-election. I’ve known George for 10 years and have talked with him regularly about school issues while I was on the board and since his election. He has integrity and honesty even while differing, is well educated and well informed and is a leader. A fault: he does listen to me some.

George has provided strong leadership for four years. He has proven he can lead. His leading has been shown in the board’s governing practices, the strategic plan, the STEM acceptance and funding (outside money), the superintendent selection and administration changes.

The need for leadership continues. The levy renewal to maintain funding is needed and administration changes to meet new curriculum requirements continue. Board evaluation and sanctioning of the forthcoming strategic plan is key to the district’s direction over the next five years.

George’s proven leadership is needed for another term. I support George Dierberger for school board and encourage you to vote for him.


Roland (Bud) Buchman