Bunn delivers for our economy, people of our state

I received a mailing from Karin Housley. Among many suspect claims, “Job Creator” was most amusing. I expect she hires one to two assistants in her real estate business. Big deal.  How many jobs did real estate agent Housley destroy by selling over-priced homes during the go-go years?

Julie Bunn on the other hand, an economist, was a founding member of the bi-partisan House Small Business caucus while in the legislature, and twice received (at the end of each session in which she served) the “Guardian of Small Business” Award from the Minnesota Chapter of the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

As a college professor, she educated future leaders in ethical business practices, law and government, and as an economist she knows what it takes to create jobs in our state.

Moreover, Bunn’s unassuming engineer husband, with high tech patents to his name, has been on the ground floor of three high tech start-ups that conservatively created 1,000 jobs in the United States.

Bunn and her husband are smart, quiet, hard-working folks who deliver for our economy and the people of Minnesota.

Join me in voting for Julie Bunn on Nov. 6.


Hank Fischer

Marine on St Croix