Integrity matters, and Lohmer has shown she has it

Rep. Kathy Lohmer has proven herself over and over again to be a staunch advocate of revitalizing our private sector economy, providing tax relief for families and businesses and making sure our seniors, veterans, children and grandchildren get what they earn and what they deserve.

The legislation Lohmer has sponsored is a testament to that. Balancing the budget by living within our means, promoting health care choices, protection of life at all stages and vital support to all our veterans. Kathy’s representation makes 39B a very valuable asset not only to the state of Minnesota but to all of us who live and raise our families here. In my case, it’s operating a very successful family business over the past 32 years.

Character and integrity matter, both personally and when we vote to elect candidates for any public office. Kathy Lohmer is committed to upholding and defending Minnesota’s traditional core values. Vote along with me and thousands of others to re-elect Rep. Kathy Lohmer in Disrtrict 39B.


Ed Gorman

Lake Elmo