I like the Housleys, but I’m voting for Bunn

I like Karin Housley. And I like Phil Housley. (Full disclosure; my son played hockey at SAHS). But I’ll be voting for Julie Bunn for state Senate, and here is why.

I don’t think Karin has a grasp of the issues. Last week at a candidate forum she talked about how her once-joyful career of selling houses was now a bummer because so many people were losing their homes. She made no mention of the recession, brought on in large part by shenanigans in both the financial and housing markets, along with two unfunded wars. Instead, she mentioned that if the taxes in Minnesota weren’t so high we’d have more jobs. I’m no expert, but I do realize that what happens in the rest of the country and the world affects us at the state level.

Her views strike me as simplistic. Apparently, there is no problem that can’t be solved with lower taxes and less regulation. While I see the merit in Karin’s goal of encouraging Minnesotans to start up new businesses in their garages and become job creators, I like knowing that if my neighbor decides to fire up a meth lab in his garage and dump the wastewater in the St. Croix River, somebody will pay him a visit.

Lastly, I’m suspicious of any candidate who claims to have the answers to everything. My husband and I are small business owners, and believe the challenges facing our state require new and innovative thinking. Neither party has a monopoly on bright ideas. I have no time for lawmakers who are not willing to listen to ideas from the other side and work together.

Julie Bunn has a record of working to pass legislation with bipartisan support and worked to streamline the environmental permitting process. Her suggestion last week to revisit the corporate tax rate indicated to me a willingness put all ideas on the table.

Take a look at the candidates’ web sites, or better yet, attend a forum and listen to what they have to say.


Lori Soukup

Marine on St. Croix