Bunn will put best interests of community first

Since retiring as superintendent of Stillwater Area Schools more than 10 years ago, I’ve had the honor and privilege of being able to continue serving the greater St. Croix Valley community as a board member of local non-profit organizations and foundations.  During this time I have been impressed and proud of the work that these boards have accomplished on behalf of seniors, families and children. What I have learned is that great things can happen when people focus on results and are open to listening and learning from others.

In the many years I’ve lived in the community, I’ve never endorsed a candidate for office. This year is different for there is much at stake in both national and local elections.  That is why I am urging fellow residents to vote for Julie Bunn.

Our community deserves a state senator who is engaged in our community, intelligent, articulate, committed to bringing people together to solve complicated issues and has a track record for getting results. I know many of you have met Julie when she’s stopped by your home or attended a community event. Her efforts to reach out to all voters, not just those of a particular political party, demonstrate her ability to put aside partisan politics to focus on getting the most important work done.

Julie Bunn has earned not only my vote, but my deep respect for her commitment to ensure the St. Croix Valley has a state senator who always puts the best interests of cur community first.


David L. Wettergren