Anderson makes splash in Valley

Comic performs Friday aboard Afton Laff Boat

For one night only Comedian Louie Anderson is about to make a splash at an upcoming Afton Hudson Cruises Laff Boat performance.

Anderson has done similar shows before but no matter the venue he knows it will be a great time.

“My favorite venue is one with an audience,” Anderson said. “The venue for me kind of disappears when there’s a crowd in it and whether I’m on a boat, train, stage, theater or comedy club it’s the audience that really makes it a really good experience.”

He started his now 34-year stand-up comedy career on a dare and never looked back. He enjoyed making people laugh, having fun and creating a great relationship with his audience.

“But what I really like about this job is that I help people forget about the really serious and troubling things for a bit and remind them of their family, and childhoods. Things you can smile about,” Anderson said. “It creates a lot of memories and joyful ones especially.”

Anderson gains his comedic inspiration organically from the every day things. Whether it’s a big guy with a skull tattoo carrying his pillow through the airport, shopping at the big men’s store and realizing that if he gains another X on his clothes tag he’ll be as big as next year’s Super Bowl, or drawing from his life growing up on the east side of St. Paul he deals with the real and does it cleanly. At the Laff Boat performance people can expect no less.

“I’ll talk about Minnesota, winter coming, being 50, being fat, my family. All the appropriate F-words,” Anderson said. “These shows will be my baby boomer special and I’ll try out some new things on my Minnesota audience for an upcoming TV appearance.”

Anderson is currently on a tour that will take him from his native Minnesota through Wisconsin, Las Vegas, Florida and New York and an appearance on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. He admits traveling is the biggest challenge for him with his career, but when asked if he ever gets tired of making people laugh Anderson didn’t hesitate.

“No. Sometimes I’m tired, but I don’t let that impact my performance,” he said. “I’ve got a job to do when I perform. People have spent money, made plans, called the babysitter, drove somewhere, and I have to show up. Whatever my ailments are they’re not any more than my audience members and I get to perform and forget about mine and I hope that I help people forget about theirs.”

On that note when he was asked if he would say laughter is the best medicine.

“Laughter is the only medicine for me, and there aren’t any side-effects except for a little pee in your pants every once in awhile.”


If You Go

Afton Hudson Cruises Laff Boat

Where: 98 Walnut Street Hudson, Wis.

When: Oct. 19, 6:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Cost: $35 general admission $50 VIP

To purchase tickets go to or call 651-436-8883