Woman faces charges after allegedly threatening boyfriend with knife

LAKE ELMO — A woman faces terroristic threat and interfering with a 9-1-1 call charges following an altercation earlier this month with her boyfriend.

Cheryl Ann Hollinshead was charged Oct. 6 after Washington County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a reported domestic assault at a residence in the 100 block of Cimarron in Lake Elmo.

Hollinshead’s boyfriend of 16 years told deputies he placed the call after he said Hollinshead threatened him and disconnected the call, according to court documents.

The court documents added that Hollinshead’s boyfriend told deputies Hollinshead was off of her medication and was experiencing mood swings. The boyfriend said Hollinshead woke up from a nap, became angry and threw an ashtray at a  television.

After Hollinshead’s boyfriend urged her to calm down, court documents said she left the room, then came back, grabbed a knife, stood close to her boyfriend and told him, “I’ll kill you. I don’t care if I go to jail,” before she dropped the knife.

Hollinshead talked to deputies and admitted to throwing the ashtray and disconnecting the 9-1-1 call but denied threatening her boyfriend with a knife. When asked about the knife she said she didn’t know what happened.

Man accused of sex with goat

Washington County authorities are looking for a 37-year-man suspected of having sex with a goat at a local garden center.

The suspect, identified as Abimael Rojas Dominguez, is accused of having sex with a petting zoo goat at Axdahl’s Garden Farm in Grant this summer. Dominguez’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

The case began Aug. 2 when Washington County Sheriff’s office responded to an call of a dead goat at Axdahl’s.

Media reports said a worker told deputies the he went into Axdahl’s lower level and discovered some open stalls. The staffer found a goat tied to piece of farm equipment and called police. Police discovered a condom near the goat and that the animal had been assaulted sexually.

Deputies retraced Dominguez to the petting zoo after he was arrested for walking on Minnesota Highway 36 due to mechanical issues with his vehicle. He had admitted to drinking and driving the night of Aug. 1.

Reports added that when deputies asked Dominguez if he would be seen on Axdahl’s video surveillance or if his fingerprints were at the scene, he said he didn’t know.

Deputies took a cheek swab that matched DNA evidence at the scene.