Man arrested for theft, fleeing police

A Wisconsin man was arrested for theft and fleeing a police officer last Saturday.

A Stillwater Police initial incident report identified the suspect as Julius Lambert. The report said officers became aware of the issue when they heard an individual tell reserve officers at the Stillwater Art Fair saying about a theft from Stillwater Antiques, and identified the suspect as a man in a black cap running south on Water Street.

According to the report, a glass rolling pin full of marbles valued at $39.85 was stolen from the store. The woman had chased Lambert and recovered the item after a patron tipped her to the apparent theft.

The report said Lambert offered to pay the storeowner $10 for the rolling pin, and then $50. After two refusals, he ran away from her on Water Street, the report added.

Officers then chased Lambert on foot south on Water Street, east on Chestnut and through the pay lot toward Lowell Park, the report said. Lambert allegedly did not respond to an order to stop before reaching his vehicle. At his vehicle, a rented gray Nissan Ultima, Lambert dropped newspapers and his keys and was patted down by officers, the report adds.

Lambert told officers he had no other items, but during a patdown of Lambert, officers found a small floral print vase, a small brown pig figurine, a ceramic fishing pig ornament and a golden color perfume bottle, the report said.  They were later identified as stolen from American Gothic Antiques and valued at $57.85.

Lambert was taken to the Washington County Jail and according to the report, agreed to speak with police without a lawyer. Lambert admitted to officers that he took the items without paying for them. The case was forwarded to the City Attorney and Lambert was released from jail.