Open your eyes and ears to learning; your heart to God

The Rev. Daren Flinck

I have to tell you that this week has already been one of the most interesting weeks of my life. Really. I’m not kidding.

It’s not because the local professional football team is winning. It’s not because the weather has been fabulous. And it’s not because I work in a church (although, I can tell you that every week is interesting working in a church!)

No, it’s been interesting because one doesn’t find out everyday that he’s going to be grandfather to twins. My daughter called and said she had my birthday present but wouldn’t be able to deliver it to me until next spring. I was confused me at the time because she knows my birthday is in the spring — why would she want to tell me that she has my present, but naturally won’t give it to me until my birthday? I was very slow on the uptake. So, she said to me, “You just aren’t getting this are you?  You know — nine months from now?”

Oh, my goodness. Then the light bulb flickered and I understood what she was trying to say to me. Then she relayed the additional information — twins were on the way. I’m going to be a grandfather to twins in the spring.

It’s rather remarkable how we need to have some things spelled out for us and then other things we seem to pick up on intuitively. Maybe it’s just me. Sometimes the obvious things aren’t so obvious and the obscure not so obscure. It’s part of learning — part of life.

We are supposed to be in a learning mode each and every day. The Bible tells us in many places to continue to grow and learn and shape our lives after a model that is proven, tried and tested. The model is both loving God and one another just like we would want to be loved.

Of course, we humans have our moments when we see this clearly and moments when we don’t. As I said, it’s part of learning and part of life.

Did you realize that God wants us to learn and grow up? Recently I visited with some of my high school classmates from 40 years ago (yes, I am that old) and most of them have done just that. They’ve grown up. But, there were moments when I wasn’t so sure.

I can only imagine what God must think when He looks at my development spiritually. I know there is room for improvement in me. I know I need to learn everyday what it means to live life to the fullest, as though I was on borrowed time (a great phrase from a praise song that I really like).

How about you? Keep your eyes and ears open for learning about life. Keep your heart open wide to share the love with others. Keep you mind clear to receive the heavenly wisdom that can help you walk each day with a newness and freshness to life.             Like learning that your daughter is going to have twins, it might be a whole new deal. Let’s hope so.

The Rev. Daren Flinck is pastor of St. Croix Valley United Methodist Church in Lakeland.