Maggie gets her day

On Monday, Maggie the rescue pitbull,featured in a Gazette story two weeks ago received all necessary funds to go forward with surgery to repair a torn cruciate ligament.

Maggie’s surgery costs about $3,800. But Maggies’ owner, Lisa Abankwa, faced her own medical bills caused by a tumor and treatments that killed her pancreas leading to diabetes. Abankwa sought help from Patty Daponte of Meridian, Conn., and Daponte organized Maggie’s fundraiser using Facebook, online raffles, and other social media. Daponte has a history of organizing fundraisers to help animal owners in need.

“I’m just thrilled. I did a little happy dance today. If you would have seen me you probably would’ve laughed,” Daponte said. “It was so well worth it. It was frustrating at times but people continue to inspire me to do what I do every day.”

Abankwa, Maggie’s owner posted on the Helping Maggie Facebook page her reaction shortly after receiving a call from Rivertown Animal Hospital telling her the good news.

“The vet just called me and some wonderful ANGEL out there donated the rest of the money to maggie, so we’re setting it up…I’m so excited that she gets it done and THANK THANK THANK to you all for all you have done!-HUGS AND LOVE -Ms Maggie and Lisa”

Maggie’s surgery is scheduled for Monday.