Charges still pending in assault case

The suspect held in connection with the assault of Stillwater man last week remains in the Washington County Jail after his probable cause hold was extended for 36 hours.

Eric Richard, 22, of Stillwater, was arrested by Stillwater Police officers Monday on a first-degree assault charge in connection with an incident at Smalley’s Caribbean BBQ & Pirate Bar that left Adam McCloud hospitalized in the Regions Hospital ICU.

A complaint was expected to be filed Wednesday, but SPD spokesman Sgt. Jeff Stender said the police did not file the complaint due to concerns about McCloud’s health status.

“We did not file a complaint. We have an extension until Friday at noon and we continue to evaluate the case every day. We are going to wait and see what will happen with the victim. The suspect is currently in jail and his probable cause hold has been extended,” Stender said.

“We have concerns about whether the victim will survive and we can’t amend the charges until we know what happens to the victim. We’re waiting to get an update on the victim’s medical situation,” added Washington County Attorney Pete Orput.

When asked if the delay on charges is standard in this sort of situation Orput replied: “We don’t get too many situations like this. We’re delaying the charges for a few days because we just want to prudent here. The victim’s in critical condition and if we undercharge and the defendant pleads guilty he gets off on a lesser charge and we want to make a just decision.”

Orput added that his office continues to evaluate the case closely.

“It’s just a very sad situation and we’re standing by minute by minute. I hope the victim pulls through but in the mean time I don’t want to jump the gun,”

McCloud remains in critical condition on life-support at Regions Hospital.