Property demolition, permit process, donation on council docket

            Four public hearings will occur during Tuesday’s Stillwater City Council meeting.

The council has one public hearing regarding the demolition of houses at 604 4th Street South and 216 Willard Street. Both requests are from St. Paul Lutheran Church’s Kevin Urhammer.

The church owns both the homes it wants to demolish. The Fourth Street house was built in the 1890s and the church seeks permission to take it down due to concerns about the poor structural condition of the house.

The Willard Street property is a historical resource and has been determined in better condition than previously believed. Demolition of this property benefits the church more in their plan going forward to create green space on those lots.

Another public hearing will discuss assessments for the city’s 2012 street improvement project will be discussed.

A public hearing will also be held for the Third Street South Street Improvement Project.

Other highlights of the meeting include:

Second reading of the ordinance on keeping chickens.

A possible approval of a letter of support for the MnDOT permit process will be available on Tuesday.

And possible approval of a resolution accepting an $85,000 donation from the Collins family to support public improvements for biking in Stillwater.