Pedestrian hit by car at Myrtle and Owens streets

A man was treated at Lakeview Hospital for injuries he suffered when he was hit by a vehicle while he was crossing a street near Lens Market Thursday morning.

Stillwater Police officers and Lakeview EMS were dispatched to the scene and found an older man being tended to by bystanders, including the female driver of the car that struck the man.

The victim was conscious and breathing, but complained of pain on his left side from his shoulder to his leg. He was taken to Lakeview Hospital for treatment.

According to a police report, the vehicle driver told officers that she took her turn at the four-way stop at Owens and Myrtle streets and did not see anyone in the crosswalk at that time. The driver added that the rising sun made it difficult to see as her vehicle entered the intersection and she did not notice the victim until he was in front of her vehicle and she could not avoid hitting him, according to the report.

The report said both the victim and driver showed no signs of impairment. Witnesses told officers they could not tell if the driver was using a cell phone, and the driver told officers that she was not.

Witnesses who had been driving behind the woman in traffic told officers they did not notice her driving erratically. Witnesses also told officers that the sun was bright that morning and could have blinded the driver, who was traveling eastbound.

A spokesperson from Lakeview reported Wednesday that the victim was no longer on the hospital patient list.