Resident appreciates Lohmer’s work at Capitol

            I am appreciative to have Kathy Lohmer representing us as our state representative. She has kept her commitments to the people of her district and not capitulated to special interests.

Her 2010 campaign message was “Principles Over Politics.” Principles and politics don’t often go together in the same sentence. The classic political customs of say what it takes to get elected are many times the foes of principles like honesty and integrity.

When a candidate runs for office pledging morals and fiscal conservatism that gets my attention. I voted for Kathy Lohmer because I believed that she meant what she said. Converting a $6 billion deficit into a $1.3 billion surplus, while at the same time balancing our budget with no tax increases takes guts and gets major accolades from me. Although she didn’t do it all by herself, she was a front line soldier in the struggle to make it all happen.

I will be voting to send her back to the State Capitol to continue her excellent work on our behalf, and I am encouraging you to do so as well.


Mike Olson

Lake Elmo