Bunn’s experience, work earns writer’s vote

           Like most people, I want more from our legislature than divisive finger pointing and gridlock. If we want better results, we should all be taking a hard look at who we believe will best represent this community. If you expect more from elected officials, I strongly recommend you make the time to learn about my candidate for the Minnesota Senate, Julie Bunn.

As the parent of children who attended our local schools, I want leaders who understand that the most important work they do is on issues that impact the future of our next generation. Julie Bunn has a record of doing what’s best for kids, ensuring their schools are funded adequately and more uninsured kids have access to preventive health care. She’s done what very few do, crossing party lines when it’s meant doing what’s best for businesses and property owners.

Unlike her opponent who chooses to avoid controversy and debate, Julie speaks to the need in both political parties to seek more common ground and compromise in finding long term solutions to our state’s pressing concerns. Instead of shutting out opponents, she invites their participation and listens with an open mind — something sadly missing in today’s political climate.

Julie has the intellectual honesty, grasp of issues and experience that I expect from a state leader. For that reason, she has earned my vote.


Liz Zeno