Obamacare is not socialized medicine

Don Heinzman

I wanted to yell out “no” at a meeting last week.

We had an insurance broker tell us all about the Medicare programs and at one point she said the Government Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) is socialized medicine.

That is not true.

Under the Affordable Health Care Act, private insurance companies provide the insurance programs and providers (doctors and hospitals) would still be private.

Private insurance companies are the providers in the state health insurance exchanges, not the government, which only organizes them.

Listen up. Under socialized medicine, the government provides the care, it pays for all of the care, it employs the providers of the care and it runs the facilities.

We all know that under the Affordable Health Care Act, we’d be able to go to the same private hospital, have our same private doctor and have our private insurance plans.

Incidentally, the federal government now provides health care for people 65 and over through Medicare. The states provide medical through Medicaid programs, a combination of state and federal funds. No one wants to get rid of it, not even the Tea Party.

As a veteran, I get some free care through the Veterans Administration. They assign my doctor and my hospital for care. I have great confidence in my doctor and no problem with the hospital. That’s close to socialized medicine and I don’t hear one veteran complaining about it.

It’s time we stand up to those people who call the Affordable Health Care Act socialized medicine.

Don Heinzman is an ECM editorial writer and columnist. He can be contacted at [email protected]