Koblas gives talk on outlaws in Minnesota

            John Koblas, renowned author and expert on Minnesota’s “wild west” history gives a free presentation on the Younger brothers in Minnesota State Prison at 2 p.m. Sunday in the Warden’s House Museum at 602 Main St. North in Stillwater.

On Sept. 7, 1876, the streets of Northfield, Minn., erupted in a blaze of gunfire as the infamous James-Younger gang attempted to rob the local bank. The ensuing gunfight left two dead outlaws and two dead Northfield citizens.

Afterwards, Frank and Jesse James managed to elude captors but the three Youngers were not as lucky. Burdened with life sentences, the Youngers served their time not more than one hundred yards from where Koblas will discuss the many years they spent in Stillwater prison.

Koblas is an accomplished writer of more than 50 non-fiction books. Many of these focus on the James-Younger gang and the events surrounding their lives as bandits. His book, “When The Heavens Fell” is the basis of this lecture. Koblas will also be available for book signing.

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