Police Report

Dog reportedly bites boy

            An 8-year-old boy was reportedly bitten by a friend’s pit bull-mix dog Saturday after walking the friend home to an apartment in the 400 block of Laurel Street West, according to a Stillwater Police Department incident report.

The victim walked his friend home after the two were playing Saturday afternoon. When the pair reached the apartment, the victim told Stillwater Police officers that his friend’s dog ran out when they opened the door and bit him in the stomach area, according to the report

The victim told officers he ran across the street but was chased by the dog, which jumped up and scratched him in the face.

The report said the victim’s parents took him to a doctor and according to the police report, no significant puncture wounds were found and the only injuries appeared to be scratch marks. The victim’s parents took their son to the doctor before the report and he was at home at the time the report was made.

Officers spoke with the dog’s owner, identified as Clara McLain, who said she was not aware of the incident because she was in the shower at the time, but added that she knew her son was playing with neighborhood children. McLain learned about the incident when the victim’s mother came to ask if McLain’s dog had its rabies shots. McClain said her dog is vaccinated.

The police report said that since no adults in the area witnessed the bite and the animal has no history of biting incident, no dog-at-large citation was issued. McLain is unsure her dog has a city license and she agreed to comply with the 10-day quarantine period for the dog.

Vehicle backs into house

Stillwater Police received a report Sunday of a vehicle that backed into a house in the 400 block of Maple Street West.

According to an incident report, the car rolled backwards out of a driveway, crossed the street and hit a neighbor’s house, damaging the front wall and door. No one was home at the time of the incident.

When police arrived on the scene the owner of the car came out of her house and confirmed that she had forgotten to put the car in park.