Girls swimming and diving: Stillwater sinks Zephyrs

Gazette photo by Scott Ertle
Stillwater’s Abby Kunze competes in the 200 freestyle during Tuesday’s nonconference victory over Mahtomedi at Stillwater Junior High School.

In what was essentially a home meet for both teams, the Stillwater girls’ swimming and diving team cruised to a 102-76 nonconference victory over Mahtomedi on Tuesday at Stillwater Junior High School.

The top-ranked Ponies (2-0 SEC, 4-0) finished first in 11 of 12 events and swept the top three places in the 200 freestyle, 200 individual medley, 100 butterfly, 100 freestyle and 100 backstroke.

Mary Knaak competes in the 200 individual medley for the Ponies during Tuesday’s nonconference victory over Mahtomedi.

“It was a fun meet to have and fun to have a home meet where you’re able to use all our lanes and get a lot of kids in,” Stillwater coach Brian Luke said. “We found out a few things about the team, which you can’t do in those six-lane pools. We had the ability to move kids around and they were still pretty quick.”

Sophia Bisch (500 freestyle and 100 breastroke) and Kylie Burgess (100 freestyle and 100 backstroke) were double winners for the Ponies, who also won all three relays. Claire Rutscher led a 1-2-3 finish in the 200 freestyle while Mary Knaak was the first of three Ponies to sweep the top three spots in the 200 individual medley. Kristin Erf added a victory in the 100 butterfly while Rutscher and Abby Kunze followed in second and third.

Some of the other highlights included section qualifying times for Abby Peterson in the 100 butterfly and Olivia Bloomquist in the 100 breastroke.

“We threw Abby Peterson in the fly and she looked pretty good in the medley relay. I don’t know if she’d ever swam it before,” Luke said. “Olivia Bloomquist in the breastroke, that was the first time she’s swam it this year. Sophie Barnes had a pretty good meet, I thought. She’s up against those other kids, but in reference to her personal times I thought she did a nice job.”

The Zephyrs do not have a home pool, so they often practice at SJHS or even Oak-Land.

“Mahtomedi is a fun team to swim,” Luke said. “They use our pools to practice in a lot of the time so it’s almost like a home meet — and a lot of their kids swim at our club in the summer.”

n Also on Tuesday, the Stillwater JV team posted a 103-65 win over the Zephyrs.


Stillwater 102, Mahtomedi 76

200 medley relay — 1. Stillwater (Kylie Burgess, Sophia Bisch, Mary Knaak and Kristin Erf) 1:54.99; 3. Stillwater (Megan Letkeman, Megan Weaver, Tiffany Vang and Sammi Potts) 2:02.46.

200 freestyle — 1. Claire Rutscher (St) 2:02.33; 2. Sophie Barnes (St) 2:03.50; 3. Abby Kunze (St) 2:08.21.

200 individual medley — 1. Mary Knaak (St) 2:14.78; 2. Kristin Erf (St) 2:15.04; 3. Kate Gallagher (St) 2:23.38.

50 freestyle — 1. Brooke Bacchus (Mah) 26.65; 2. Lauren Quickel (St) 27.72; 4. Anne Campbell (St) 28.47; 5. Alex Howard (St) 28.91.

Diving — 1. Liz Click (St) 213.0; 3. Morgan Espelien (St) 146.35; 6. Natalie Tri (St) 90.25.

100 butterfly — 1. Kristin Erf (St) 1:00.99; 2. Claire Rutscher (St) 1:01.17; 3. Abby Kunze (St) 1:05.55.

100 freestyle — 1. Kylie Burgess (St) 56.16; 2. Mary Knaak (St) 56.36; 3. Tiffany Vang (St) 58.95.

500 freestyle — 1. Sophia Bisch (St) 5:15.37; 2. Sophie Barnes (St) 5:30.27; 4. Claire Summary (St) 5:58.92.

200 freestyle relay — 1. Stillwater (Claire Rutscher, Mary Knaak, Sophie Barnes and Abby Doeksen) 1:47.53; 2. Stillwater (Clarie Summary, Robyn Doughty, Abby Kunze and Hannah Sneden) 1:51.75.

100 backstroke — 1. Kylie Burgess (St) 1:01.59; 2. Megan Letkeman (St) 1:06.78; 3. Sammi Potts (St) 1:08.99.

100 breastroke — 1. Sophia Bisch (St) 1:09.21; 2. Kate Gallagher (St) 1:16.83; 4. Emily Tibbetts (St) 1:21.49.

400 freestyle relay — 1. Stillwater (Kylie Burgess, Claire Rutscher, Sophie Barnes and Kristin Erf) 3:45.80; 3. Stillwater (Anne Campbell, Miranda Meier, Robyn Doughty and Ava Howard) 4:01.61.