Police Report

BB gun damages windows

Stillwater Police are investigating separate Aug. 26 incidents involving damage to windows in two residences apparently caused by someone shooting a BB gun.

The first incident was reported at a home in the 3500 block of Liberty Avenue, according to an SPD incident report. Officers later went to a home in the 3600 block of Kinship Green, where a man reported a hole in his kitchen window created by what appeared to be a BB-gun pellet.

Both incidents remain under investigation.


Police: Man shoots himself in the leg during domestic

Stillwater Police officers responding to a reported domestic at a Greeley Street apartment found a man who apparently shot himself in the leg, according to an incident report.

The wounded man, identified in the report at TR Weyh, was taken to Regions Hospital in St. Paul for treatment.

According to the report, a 25-year-old woman identified as Kirsten Henrickson, locked herself in her apartment bathroom after getting into a physical fight with Weyh. The report adds that Weyh pulled a handgun and “then proceeded to fire the gun twice into his own leg while sitting on a couch.”

Henrickson’s friend, Claire Renner, who came to the scene after getting a call from Henrickson, told officers that Weyh contacted a friend of his to come pick him up and take him home after Weyh shot himself in the leg, the report said.

Renner also told officers that Weyh had aimed the gun at his neck before shooting through a pillow at his leg, the report adds.

When asked by officers why Weyh would want to shoot himself, Jensen told the officers that he believes Weyh shot himself, “just because he was probably upset and on drugs at the time,” according to the report.

Jensen also told officers that he believes the argument began when Weyh refused to share his drugs with his girlfriend, the report said..

According to officers, Henrickson was uncooperative during the investigation and was transported to Regions for evaluation of possible drug and alcohol use.

No arrests were made.

  • eric jensen

    i did not know why the fight started i was just there to help my friends resolve their issue. nothing about drugs ever came out of my mouth. police can legally lie to you and on their reports to twist the story as to their liking. kirsten and tr are very close friends of mine and i know they wopuldnt fight over things that they dont even do.
    I demand a rewrite of this article stating the truth from the people involved not the assumptions from conviction happy police.
    this article is vulgfar shows massive deformation of character and is slanderous. I am extremely upset that you would write something based on heresay and falsified police reports. how can you gain from other peoples pain and personal suffering.

    this is not over
    please cooperateand as a member of anonymous i have friends that will find and publish the truth …

  • C nelson

    We agree with Eric. Just saw this article and am floored by the incredibly outrageous and irresponsible inaccuracies, to put it mildly. The article is egregiously sensationalistic and entirely void of fact. We all know that TR tried to calm Kirsten after she started to show signs of a severe reaction to her meds. TR did not shoot himself in the leg as was reported, nor was Kirsten locked in the bathroom at the time. Kirsten’s severe reaction to medication she took, and the subsequent increasing erratic behavior over the course of the evening caused her to lash violently out at TR. TR and Kirsten both agreed that an acquaintance of Kirsten’s (that she had met in counseling) should come over and sit with Kirsten and that TR should leave the apartment, hoping to ease the situation until Kirsten could get help if needed. The “shooting” occurred when TR decided to remove the bullets from a small pistol that was stored in a desk in her apartment, because of comments Kirsten made causing TR to fear she might try to hurt herself. The firearm went off accidentally when Kirsten attempted to grab it from TR while he tried to unload it, grazing his thigh.
    TR left with his friend when the acquaintance arrived, hoping to check in on Kirsten later. The article falsely stated that the comments were made by TR’s friend Eric. No one in this scenario would have had any reason to claim that TR “might have been upset and on drugs.” How does a police report based on hear-say become such a real version of the “phone game” and how does any “journalist” justify sensationalizing a near tragedy in such an irresponsible manner? This sort of character defamation will most certainly injure the chances of both of these young people in their pursuit of normal productive lives. TR’s parents are considering defamation litigation.