DeGree knows that education is not a game

            I have known Tom DeGree as both a teacher and a community leader for almost one year. Mr. DeGree taught my daughter when she was in the fourth grade, and has earned my respect during weekly classroom volunteer sessions where I was able to witness his teaching and student interaction.

As an educator, Mr. DeGree is well liked and respected among the students and their parents. My daughter came home every day feeling a valued part of her class. I was continually impressed with Tom DeGree’s ability to keep the students’ learning progressing, while including each one and maintaining a quiet and respectful classroom environment. He always contributed that core idea to spark the students’ curiosity and to expand their knowledge.

Mr. DeGree showed that he cared about the success of each and every one of his students, with a deep belief that their success is the success of our community. He understands that education is not a game, and doesn’t treat it like one.

It’s time to elect someone who is willing to work and who represents the best interest of our community, not just getting themselves re-elected. It’s time to elect Tom DeGree to represent House District 39B.

Karen Chaput, St. Paul

  • Matt

    Just because he’s a nice guy doesn’t mean he should get the job. Stick to the issue: we don’t need higher taxes, more failed spending, pork projects, and bigger government from Democrats. Let’s keep Kathy Lohmer, a common sense fiscal conservative.

  • Randy

    As the old addage goes, “nice guys finish last”. I am a parent and an educator too, but that leaves me little experience in solving our state and local economic crises. Tom, please continue to be a nice guy and stick to what you do well and that is to be in the classroom. Go Lohmer!!