Council wrap-up: council honors former assistant city engineer Kraftson

Despite a full agenda Tuesday that saw the Stillwater City Council approve a special use permit for Rafters, a new beekeeping ordinance, and deciding to move the riverfront levee project forward, the panel also:

  • Presented former Assistant City Engineer Torry Kraftson a certificate of appreciation. Kraftson is pursuing a teaching career, and his last day was last Friday.
  • Learned from Police Chief John Gannaway that the city siren installation project is finished and in working order. He added that Night to Unite was a success.
  • Heard from Fire Chief Stu Glaser that the Insurance Services Office will update and redo its survey of the Fire Department Oct. 23. The last time this was done was in 2004. The results of the ISO study could affect insurance for people in their service area.
  • ¬†Were told by Developer Director Bill Turnblad and City Planner Mike Pogge that the downtown pedestrian walkway is open. The public bathrooms are still closed because the city is waiting on parts for the toilets and stall doors. A ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place at a future council meeting.
  • ¬†Approved a liquor license and parking spot for the Biercycle, a multi-person bike tour similar to Minneapolis pedalpub, which was approved by the council July 31. The company is charged $3 a day and will be parked just north of the new crosswalk. Riders will be allowed to drink the alcohol only on the bike and will not violate open container law.
  • Were told that the Stillwater Log Run, cancelled in July by inclement weather, is been rescheduled for 9 a.m. Oct. 20.