Lohmer cares, keeps her commitments

Prior to the 2010 elections, the DFL majority had created a huge deficit that they obviously did not want to address, so we sent the “freshman class” in there to do a job. I laughed out loud when reading the writer’s revelation, “that’s the thing about borrowing — you have to pay the money back…”

Yes that is reality. Gov. Mark Dayton was handed a balanced budget by these brave freshmen absent of tax increases. It took the governor weeks to do the right thing and approve the budget. But then he proceeded to torpedo the legislature’s bill to pay back the money owed to our schools.

The deliberate mischaracterization that the budget was balanced “on the backs of our children” is typical of those who will not accept the reality about the governor’s ridiculous decision to rob schools of the resources they are entitled to.

Thank you Kathy Lohmer for being our state representative. She does not sit there and “glare across the aisle.” Her voting record in support of the core values of everyday Minnesotans is perfect. The most scrupulous non-partisan watchdog groups in the state rank her as one Minnesota’s top legislators. Her results speak for themselves.

I, along with so many others, support Kathy Lohmer. Again thank you for caring and keeping your commitments.


Becky Lambeth, Woodbury