Westover heading to Republican National Convention in Tampa: Afton resident among the ‘Liberty Republicans’ dominating Minnesota delegation

Craig Westover

Craig Westover of Afton is among the 80-person delegation (40 delegates and 40 alternates) that will represent Minnesota at the Republican National Convention Aug. 27-30 in Tampa, Fla..

Westover was elected an RNC delegate at the Republican Party of Minnesota state convention May18-19 in St. Cloud. He ran as a “Liberty Republican” supporting Texas Rep. Dr. Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. Of Minnesota’s 40 national delegates, 32 are Liberty Republicans.

“The most important movement in American politics today is occurring within the Republican Party,” said Westover. “Ron Paul and Liberty Republicans are driving the Republican Party back to its small “r” republican roots of constitutional, limited government and individual liberty. I ran for National Delegate to be a part of that.”

Although former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is the presumptive Republican nominee, Westover says he still plans to cast his vote for Dr. Paul and is hopeful that within convention rules Dr. Paul’s name may be placed in nomination, and he is given the opportunity to speak at the convention. Westover also said he will support GOP platform planks and resolutions endorsed by Dr. Paul.

“As Republicans, we talk a lot about reducing the size of government and cutting government spending. Those are good things, but a smaller government spending less money can still do a lot of damage. Our focus must be on reducing the scope of government, getting government out of personal decisions about things like educating our kids or our health care decisions,” said Westover.

A former Communications Director for the MNGOP, Westover is a long-time libertarian/conservative writer who frequently appears on the opinion pages of the Pioneer Press and Minneapolis Star Tribune. He covered the Ron Paul campaign for MinnPost.com in 2008 and is a frequent member of the political panel on TPT Almanac.

“Materially, each of us has a different vision of the ‘American Dream,’” said Westover. “But spiritually we have one dream – to live free. That’s the dream Liberty Republicans will carry to the RNC and into the general election – irrespective of who is the GOP candidate.”