Hear God’s will with ears of your heart

Kate Walsh Soucheray

Have you ever prayed to know God’s plan for your life? So often, we hear, “Just pray to know God’s Will. But what is that, you might think? And how will I know God’s Will for my life after I have prayed? Will the answers I need simply float down from heaven?”

In order to understand God’s Will in our lives, we must first have established a relationship with God. Only then will what He is saying to us be heard above the din of our lives. You may still wonder how you will know this Will because you don’t think you’ll hear it with your ears, and you are exactly correct. We will hear God’s Will with the ears of our heart.

Now you’re really confused. What in the world are the ears of our heart? The ears of our heart are the sacred senses we receive from God that require attentiveness and presence to Him as we struggle to discern His voice and will for us. These senses will offer a sense of calm or a sense of turmoil.

If we feel calm, albeit a bit nervous, then we should stay with the feeling and allow it to continue to speak to us. If we feel a sense of turmoil, we should also pay attention to that feeling, continue to pray for clarity, and even if we thought the decision would be correct in many ways, if the tumultuous feeling persists, move away from the decision. We can trust the feeling that something is wrong. Perhaps it’s not wrong entirely, but wrong for now.

The key here is to trust your feelings after you have consulted God in prayer. You may want to take time to pray with other people whom you trust to offer you advice and consolation. Allow God’s Will to become clear for you and do all you can to honor what you hear with the ears of your heart.

             Kate Walsh Soucheray is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Stillwater.