Bunn, Housley look forward to fall election

Two veterans of past political races go head-to-head in Minnesota’s Senate District 39 race this fall.

Karin Housley gained the Republican Party nomination after receiving 67.26 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s primary. Her opponent is former state Rep. Julie Bunn, who was unopposed in the primary on the Democratic ticket.

“It was exciting,” said Housley about the primary process and race. “It was a lot of work and you don’t really know which way it’s going to go but we had a great group of volunteers; we call them Team Housley. They were out knocking on doors and getting the message out all over Forest Lake and the rest of the district. We all knew we had all done the work we needed to do to win and it was a great victory last night but we know there’s a lot more to come.”

Bunn said both candidates know and respect each other, but added:

“While (Housley) may try to move more to the center for the general election, my opponent is part of the conservative wing of the Republican Party, for there is no other wing remaining in the Republican Party,” said Bunn. “In yesterday’s primary, some of the few remaining moderate Republicans in the state, who are known to have on occasion worked across the aisle, were purged from their party’s ranks, beat by extremist, Tea Party candidates.”

Going forward into the general election both candidates plan to continue knocking on doors and sharing their message with people throughout the district. Bunn had mentioned she’d be more than willing to meet up with local business owners or other groups that want their concerns to be heard.

“So far I believe the public has responded well to our message of true fiscal responsibility and voters hold us to a higher standard for state leaders to balance the budget,” Bunn said. “They expect us to achieve a level of bipartisanship because of extremists in both parties who were responsible for the historic 21-day government shutdown.”

“We’re still going to work just as hard as we did in the primary,” Housley said regarding her team. “We were running two campaigns at the same time because you have to focus on the primary but you also have to plan for the best way to win over (Bunn). So we’re going to continue to work hard and put the plan we generated into place.”

Both candidates were very grateful for all the help they’ve received from their campaign volunteers. Bunn who’s campaigned since March said she has a really energetic team. Housley believes that going forward her volunteers and hard work will take her through to November.

“This district’s numbers for previous elections do lean heavily Republican but we still have to go out, talk to people and continue knocking on every door,” Housley said. “There’s no guarantee you’re going to win you have to put in the hard work to get there. With all the help of my volunteers I think we can take this race in November.”