Letter’s ‘childish’ reference rife with political bias

The Aug. 2 edition of the Gazette contained a letter that I found to be unreasonable. The childish reference to a “freshman class with no intent to compromise or negotiate” was rife with political bias.

To say that our balanced budget “was achieved on the backs of our children” is foolishness. The fact is that Rep. Kathy Lohmer and her colleagues lead the charge to balance the budget, create a sizable budget surplus and pay back our schools.

According to Minnesota Department of Education, school payment shifts have been used for 30 years to assist in balancing state budgets during difficult financial periods, School districts have authority to borrow against receivable state aid, federal flow-through aid and local tax receipts, and to participate in a state credit plan that allows districts to qualify for the best interest rates with a state guarantee of payment in the event of district default.

More than 70 cents of every dollar spent on education goes directly to benefits, salaries and other administrative expenses, not to students in the classroom. That’s not a good deal for our children, especially considering the obvious inadequacies of public education. I agree that people want their state to work. It works a lot better now that Kathy Lohmer is our representative. She’s done an exceptional job.

Kathy Lohmer is a great representative and will get my vote once again.


Bill Hodges, Oak Park Heights