Corbett, Kozlowski advance in Ward 2

Tom Corbett and Ted Kozlowski survived the primary round for Stillwater City Council’s Ward 2 seat and are looking forward to November’s general election.

Corbett won both the third and fourth precincts with 38.3 percent and 49.87 percent of the votes.

“I’m very excited and grateful to make it through the primaries,” Corbett said. “I put a lot of work into knocking on doors and meeting people and I’m so grateful that all those people I’ve talked to throughout the campaign turned out to vote me through.”

“It’s so overwhelming to have the support of my hometown,” Kozlowski said. “I’m just very grateful for it. I plan to keep talking to more people and I’m looking forward to the election in November. To grow up in this town and put yourself out there to run for city council and get all this support is just overwhelming. It’s been fun so far.”

The plans for both city council candidates going forward is to keep talking to people and create more one-on-one connections within the community.

“I’m planning to make that personal connection and focus on the folks in all of Ward 2. There are 4,500 people and the downtown businesses are all located there so there’s a lot to do but I’m looking forward to getting to know them even better.” Corbett said. “In Stillwater when campaigning I found you need to make that individual connection, explain who you are and let them get to know you.”

“I plan to put on a series of events to talk to everyone and listen to the concerns of all the different people in town,” Kozlowski said. “We all have different concerns right now, whether it’s brain-eating amoebas in Lily Lake, Lumberjack Days or the bridge issue it’s good to get a base understanding of the different issues that are important to the town.”

Going forward to the general election Corbett said that whoever does a better job of getting out there and talking to people will most likely prevail. While Kozlowski feels pretty good about the election as he’s lived in Stillwater all his life.

“To do this job well you need a deep personal connection to the town,” Kozlowski said. “There’s a lot of character to the town, and there’s a lot of characters in the town and you need to understand that. I’ve carried (Stillwater) with me wherever I’ve gone with my other jobs and I feel that this connection is key to this city’s success.”

“We did pretty well yesterday though and I’ve been here for seven years. I’m part of the charter and library board which has given me a lot of leadership experience,” Corbett said. “I feel it’s important to listen to the person who knows how to deal with the issues but you also have to be able to bring something to the campaign as well as a record of leadership.”

More information can be found about the candidates on their websites: