Keep on truckin’: Couple turns truck into a home-shopping fashion shop on wheels

Photo courtesy of David and Teresa Grim
Customers enter David and Teresa Grim’s Fashion Mobile at a recent event. The former owners of Doozie Chic Boutique in downtown Stillwater, the Grims brought a concept popular in Boston and Los Angeles to the St. Croix Valley.

David and Teresa Grim have brought a coastal craze to Stillwater with their shop Fashion Mobile wheels.
The new business by the Grims, who formerly owned Doozie Chic Boutique in downtown Stillwater, is aimed at making fashion fun and bringing friends together for an evening. The Grims began their new business just over a month ago after finding a magazine article about fashion mobiles in Boston and Los Angeles.
“We closed (Doozie Chic Boutique) two years ago and we were looking to do something in retail again but we didn’t want to go through everything that a brick and mortar store brings — finding a location, signing a three-year lease — so we chose to do this because it was more flexible for us.”
Similar to a Tupperware or jewelry party, a person signs to host a party and the Grims come to the house with merchandise. Selling is not pushed so the Grims can answer questions that anyone might have.
Merchandise includes women’s shirts, blouses and dresses and formal dresses along with jewelry, scarves, earrings, necklaces, shirts, blouses and hats. So far, David Grim said the Fashion Mobile has been very well received at the events they’ve visited.
“If you host a party a percentage of the sale goes to merchandise credit for the host and people have told us they like the prices and the items are priced right,” David Grim said.
He adds that prices range from $5 to $95 with small jewelry, like rings on the low end and formal dresses that can be worn to a wedding on the high-end. Shirts and simpler dresses fall in the middle price range.
Currently, the couple divide the business duties with David running the day-to-day operations and Teresa purchasing and pricing merchandise and in addition to her full-time job.
“It’s a lot of fun,” David Grim said. “We have three kids, two daughters and a little boy. They come to most of our shows and our little girls enjoy pointing things out to people. I think they enjoy the attention.”
What people can expect from a party is a low-key, fun atmosphere on the host’s driveway. Hosts usually provide drinks and appetizers. People can shop in the truck and try on the items they want to purchase.
The Fashion Mobile also does charity events that allow the host’s merchandise credit to go to the charity of their choice. Their first event of this kind is private party Wednesday night.
“The lady who’s hosting the party is donating a percentage of the sales to a charity,” David said.  “She said she’ll have 75 to 100 people at her house. It should be interesting since it’s double or triple what we usually have but hopefully with more people, we’ll sell more and donate more to charity.”
To host a Fashion Mobile party visit the company’s website at