County, city voting systems pass their tests

City governments are gearing up for the Aug. 14 primary tests of their voting systems.
Jennifer Wagenius, director of Washington County’s Department or Property Records and Taxpayer Services said that voting system tests are required by state law to ensure that everything is in working order on Election Day.
Wagenius said that tests must be run within 14 days of the election.
“We contract out Oakdale and Woodbury,” she said,  “We did the tests on Tuesday and everything came out great.”
Wagenius said voting tests put together sample ballots and compare the results to what was expected, then making sure that the equipment is secure to prevent tampering with results.
The public can observe the tests but do not participate in the actual testing.
Stillwater’s machines will be tested at 1:30 p.m. Thursday in the fire training room.
Tests for the Nov. 6 general election begin Oct. 23.