Colorado shooting hits close to home for family

The horror of the Colorado shooting is still on the minds of many people in the country but for a Stillwater family the horror hits close to home.

Lynn and Steve Thron of Stillwater got a call from their newlywed daughter, Jessica Thron, on the night of the movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colo., saying that Jessica’s husband, Carey Rottman, had been shot at the theater.

The college sweethearts from Winona State University had just been married three weeks before the shooting near Stillwater.

Rottman had gone to the movie with the Denver area minister, Pierce O’Farrill, who had married them. O’Farrill was shot in the leg and the arm.

Rottman had been hit in the upper thigh by a bullet from gunman James Holmes. Realizing that his friend was much worse off Rottman threw himself on top of his friend to protect him. He would later learn that his friend was alive

Rottman made his way to the lobby of the movie theater through the chaos. He met four teenagers who helped him out the theater and one of them used her belt to stop his bleeding.

According to Thron’s Facebook page there has been a huge outpouring of support for the couple and that there’s a long road ahead but Rottman is doing well.