Thanks for supporting Valley Library

It was a celebration; an open house for Washington County Library Valley Branch in the Lower St. Croix River Valley. It was planned by WCL administration and the Library Board to learn what was important to people using their library.

A survey was made and flyers sent out. There was lemonade, cookies, balloons and book prizes, the makings of a nice event.

What occurred was phenomenal. More than 400 hundred people showed up June 9 to support their library. Dozens of children, seniors, bikers, moms, dads, directors, staff, librarians and volunteers were there; the whole community. They came from the bluff neighborhoods down to the river cabins and impressive homes on the St. Croix. A wonderful diversity of what makes the Lower St. Croix Valley not just a destination, but a caring community.

I’ve enjoyed living in the Valley for almost 12 years now and have been on the Washington County Library Board for more than a yeark, but only really began to understand the cohesiveness and warmth that exists on the Lower St. Croix when I helped organize the library open house.

Valley Library wasn’t in jeopardy of changing, closing or being rearranged. It is simply the local library. Neighbors came together over 400 strong on June 9 with warm hearts, great attitudes and a common purpose demonstrating that libraries are more than repositories for books and information. They are a place to meet on common ground, with people engaging with people.

Thank you all for sharing your enthusiasm and generosity of spirit by" showing up."

Sara Meyer

St. Mary’s Point

Editor’s note: Sara Meyer is a Washington County Library Board member-at-large.