Staff reviews budget figures

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The Independent School District 834 board reviewed revisions to the 2012-2013 preliminary budget Thursday night before it approves it June 28.

The preliminary budget, adopted annually in June, is based on recent budget adjustments, current laws and regulations, enrollment projects as well as the district’s strategic planning. The preliminary budget for 2012-2013 is followed by the revised budget in the school year and the revised budget update next spring.

Staff reviewed changes to the preliminary budget from the revised 2011-2012 budget. Some highlights include:

n The operating general fund: The revenue projection is $85,349,573 and expenditures is $89,993,384. Revenues increased by $54,000 from the revised 2011-2012 budget due to an increase in the operating levy, literacy incentive aid and budget adjustments. Expenditures increased by $1.1 million due to settlement costs, eliminating the Early Retiree Reinsurance Program and budget adjustments.

The fund balance will be $12,241,045 and the unassigned fund balance will be $7,276,477. The unassigned fund balance is 8.1 percent of the total expenditures, which is 3.1 percent higher than the school board’s goal.

n Food service fund: Revenues are projected at $3,866,221 and expenditures are $3,882,377. The fund balance projection is $335,426. These projections are nearly identical to previous estimates but revenues have increased due to some commodity rebates.

n Community service fund: Revenues are projected at $3,943,239 and expenditures are $3,997,479. The fund balance projection is $242,045. Revenues are increasing because of the preschool program addition and increased fees. Expenditures are also increasing because of the preschool program and increased operating costs of the Early Childhood Family Center.

The board will take action on the preliminary budget at its June 28 board meeting. The preliminary budget will be posted on the school district’s website at or for further questions contact Assistant Superintendent of Business and Administrative Services Ray Queener at 651-351-8321 or [email protected]