ISD 834 students place in the Stock Market Game

This spring, students in Debbie Drommerhausen’s Stillwater Area High School class took second place in the high school division spring session of The Stock Market Game(tm) (SMG), while a student in Michael Ryan’s Stillwater Junior High School class took third place in the junior high/middle school division spring session.

The SAHS team was Makogan Fons, Nicholas Christianson and Kristofer Hinkel. Thomas Peterson was the SJHS student finishing third in the junior high/middle school division.

The SMG is a national interactive educational tool used in grades 4 through 12 to supplement subjects such as math, social studies, and business education, while fulfilling Minnesota graduation standards. The Minnesota chapter of the program, which is managed by the nonprofit BestPrep, allows students to learn the struggles and the dividends of investing. The students are among the 3,840 students from 80 Minnesota schools who participated in the spring session of the program.

The students were recognized during BestPrep’s annual luncheon May 23 at the Earle Brown Heritage Center, where each winning team was awarded a plaque.

The SMG expands student’s financial literacy skills by teaching prudent financial planning and money management through firsthand experience, and engages students through technology. Student teams participating in The SMG are given a virtual $100,000 to "invest" over a 14-week period, competing with other Minnesota students.

Each team receives online daily portfolio updates on their current holdings, brokerage fees, interest, and team rankings.

"The Stock Market Game is a unique opportunity for students to experience investing firsthand. These students are getting a head start learning important financial literacy skills that they will use for a lifetime," said Rachel Schwalbach, SMG Program Manager at BestPrep.

In an effort to sharpen critical thinking skills, The SMG offers InvestWrite as a curriculum supplement. InvestWrite is an essay competition in which students write on investment related topics. Students with the top three essays are recognized at a state-wide award ceremony. The first place students at the national level receive a free trip to New York City.

For more information about The SMG, contact Rachel Schwalbach at 763.233.6328 or [email protected].





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