School board releases teachers and paraprofessionals

The Independent School District 834 released probationary teachers and paraprofessionals at its board meeting April 26.

Those released include:

Probationary release: Paraprofessionals

Afton-Lakeland Elementary

1. Theresa Anderson

2. Russell Winkelman

Andersen Elementary

1. Stacey Klein

2. Tamara Lemieux

3. Tammy Ludgatis

Early Childhood Family Center

1. Claudia Bradley

2. Amy Dornfeld

3. Theresa Helms

4. Jean Wendt

Lake Elmo Elementary

1. Allison Burgess

2. Erin Mathaus

3. Sandra Moroney

4. Lisa Sherman

5. Melissa Spaulding

6. Peter Yang

Lily Lake Elementary

1. Jeffrey Fosse

2. Roxanne Reeves

3. Nermeen Youssef

Marine Elementary

1. Mary Melissa Miller

2. Kelleen Roddy

Oak Park Elementary

1. Bobbet Anderson

2. Cassandra Anderson

3. Amy Koltun

4. Lori Marita

5. Gretchen Perkins

6. Rachel Roushey

7. Stephanie Solheid

8. Heather Weishalla

Rutherford Elementary

1. Jennifer Ammermann

2. Heidi Koening

3. Jodie McGibbon

4. Jennifer Snyder

5. Ruth Warbalow

6. Mary Wisuri

Stillwater Area High School

1. Matthew Carlson

2. Marc Wade

Stillwater Junior High

1. Chad Bischoff

2. Heidi Fink

3. Megan Foster

4. Angela Pommerening

Stonebridge Elementary

1. Amy Burback

2. Julie Ellison

3. Diane Hands

4. Katlin Hill

5. Shannon Moran

6. Michele Parker

7. Mary Peters

Withrow Elementary

1. Jennifer Boxmeyer

Probationary release: Teachers

1. Ryan Bartosiewski, Oak-Land Junior High and Stillwater Junior High

2. Christine Besch, Withrow Elementary

3. Emily Chandler, Afton-Lakeland Elementary and Oak-Land Junior High

4. Lea Corcoran, Rutherford Elementary

5. Jessica Deschneau, Oak Park Elementary and St. Croix Catholic

6. Karen Frank, Stillwater Junior High

7. Nichole Frost, Stillwater Junior High

8. Cynthia Fuerstenberg, Oak-Land Junior High

9. Leah Gagne, Stillwater Junior High

10. Jill Greenwood, Stonebridge Elementary

11. Theresa Gulsvig, Stillwater Area High School

12. Chris Hagel, Stillwater Area High School

13. Kate Henning, Stillwater Junior High

14. Mary Heuer, Andersen Elementary

15. Deirdre Jameson, Lily Lake and Oak Park Elementary

16. Rob Jeppson, Stillwater Area High School

17. Casey Johnson, Afton-Lakeland Elementary

18. Kathryn Johnsn, Lake Elmo Elementary

19. Scot Johnson, Oak Land Junior High

20. Laurie Johnson-Ring, Oak Park Elementary

21. Huyn Ae Kim, Lily Lake Elementary

22. Fay Kotilinek, Stillwater Area High School

23. Janalee Kracht, Andersen Elementary

24. Karen Kraco, Stillwater Area High School

25. Dustie Lange, Stonebridge Elementary

26. Randy Lowe, Stillwater Area High School

27. Lancer Lumby, Stillwater Junior High

28. Jennifer Marietta, Stonebridge Elementary

29. Amy McClung, Oak-Land Junior High

30. Reno Mothes, Lily Lake, Oak Park and Early Childhood Special Education

31. Kimberly Nelson, Lake Elmo Elementary

32. Erin Nickelby, Stillwater Area High School

33. Laura Seipel, Rutherford Elementary

34. Cori Smith, District Wide occupational therapist

35. Carolyn Sorenson, Stillwater Area High School

36. Yaritzy Sorenson, Oak-Land Junior High

37. Neale Steffel, Therapeutic Learning Center

38. Erin Tein, Oak-Land Junior High

39. Janelle Thompson, Rutherford Elementary

40. Diana Villeneuve, District wide

41. Catherine Williamson, Andersen and Lake Elmo Elementary

42. Deirdre Worrell, Marine, Withrow and Stillwater Junior High

43. Yvonne Danielson, Rutherford Elementary

44. Jane Dickinson, Lily Lake Elementary

45. Rebecca Mazzara, Stillwater Area High School

46. Jenifer Johnson, Afton-Lakeland Elementary

47. Barbara O’Brien, Stillwater Area High School

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