SAHS grad participates in anniversary fete in Paris

Anna Peterson, a 2010 Stillwater Area High School graduate and student at Augsburg College, was recently selected as one of the musicians to participate at the 50th anniversary of the IES Abroad Center in Paris.

The March 21 celebration took place at the U.S. Embassy’s George C. Marshall Center in the historic Hotel de Talleyand.

Peterson, daughter of Brent and Christine Peterson of Stillwater, is currently studying in Paris and will continue pursuing her music interests at a conservatory in Vienna starting in June.

The festivities were made possible by Paul Patin, Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Consulate General, who participated in the Paris Program in 1978-79 and remembered watching the Camp David agreements on French TV.

Patin’s speech, followed by remarks by Program Dean Nancy Kenyon and Paris Center Director Marie-Anne Devaux, was warmly received by 150 attendees including alumni, former administrators, current students, professors and IES partners.

The wife of the first Paris Center director amazed the audience when mentioning that she went to New York City to pick up the first group, which traveled by sea on the Queen Mary.

IES Abroad, once known as the Institute of European Studies, opened the Paris Center in 1961. Peterson will return to Stillwater in July and begin her junior year at Augsburg College in the fall, majoring in Music Performance with a minor in French.