Radishes, onions, and bunnies, oh my!


That was fast wasn’t it?

Back in February, we jumped right from winter into summer and now in April we’ve gone and done the exact opposite. Snow in parts of the state, overnight lows below freezing, it’s just wonderful. On the bright side, this freeze should help my allergies and hopefully kill the plethora of bugs that decided to come out early this year. And as you know, if something has more than four legs and decides to take residence in my house, it must die.

Especially those nasty house centipedes. There is nothing like having a nice, big, Mexican lunch, then going into the bathroom to get a little "spring cleaning" done and having one of those multi-legged freaks scurry across your feet. The last time I felt that violated was when I was doing my yearly taxes.

Cold weather and bugs aside, it was Easter weekend and for me, at least, that is a weekend of family, good food and thinly veiled insults. You know, a typical family outing.

Now I don’t want to give you the picture of a family that does nothing but bicker and send off sarcastic quips in a dry tone like some clich