Parallax and prognostication

By BRAD AYERS – Gazette Columnist

Simply defined, parallax is the change in perception that occurs when one views an object from different positions – it depends upon where you’re coming from on how you look at things. While this proven concept is generally applied to astronomical science, it has validity in the way judgments are made about human events and activities.

So it is that Nov. 22, 2013, will mark the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Those of us who experienced that tragic day of 1963 will never forget it. Historians record the event as having extraordinary, far reaching impact on the course of American life, with worldwide implications, for generations to come. It was a 20th century tectonic shift in the human psyche.

The public execution of the president affected me as no other in the course of my 70-plus years. I’ve written several books on the subject, having been on a secret assignment with the CIA as a young Army special operations officer involved in some of the activities that I believe precipitated the assassination of the president and, later, his brother, Robert.

As this is written, reports continue about the sordid carousing of the Secret Service advance detail that was sent to Cartagena, Colombia, to protect President Obama during his recent visit to that politically volatile country.

I cannot say that while I was on active military duty I was a paragon of virtue. The Ranger-Airborne fraternity in the early sixties was hard partying when off duty, and as it came to skirt chasing, we followed the example of our commander-in-chief. But the mission always came first. Abstinence was the rule in the days preceding any operation.

So, as the story unfolds about the behavior of the Secret Service in Colombia, I ask, what the heck are these people, entrusted to provide security for the President of the U.S., doing? With that, I recalled an aspect of my experience while serving at the CIA station in Miami in the summer of 1963.

A physically imposing career CIA officer by the name of David Sanchez Morales (aka The Big Indian) was the chief of operations at the Miami agency station (JMWAVE). Typically, authenticated agency employees routinely enjoy open door entr