Government meddling in personal lives out of control

Do we really need government to be so involved in our relationships that they can decide when it is time to break up?

With only a few weeks left in the 2012 legislative session, Rep. Kathy Lohmer R-Lake Elmo, is championing a new bill to make couples wait two years in order to get a divorce. This amount of meddling in people’s personal lives has really gotten out of control. Divorce is a terrible and painful thing. People do not break up their marriages lightly. I know personally that people will fight to stay together, especially if there are children involved.

It is not the government’s place to decide that we haven’t worked hard enough. In fact, it isn’t their place to dictate our marriages at all. When a couple finally makes the decision to divorce, it is time to let them get on with rebuilding their lives.

Government forcing people to stay together for two more years, as if they haven’t tried already, seems downright cruel. With so much left to do in this state, we don’t need politicians meddling in personal relationships as if they know better.

Kathy Lohmer wants to tell you what you can do in your relationship and when. We need jobs and a stronger economy, not legislation on our personal lives. What happened to personal freedoms? We don’t need any more politicians like that.

Mary Harrison

Lake Elmo