Fill ‘er up?

Bachmann to talk pump gas, talk energy at Lino Lakes station


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Motorists stopping for gas at a Lino Lakes station Tuesday morning could get some congressional assistance at the pumps from U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann.

Bachmann will talk with constituents about energy solutions and pump gas in their cars from 9:45 to 10:15 a.m. at the Fast Break Gas Station in the 7600 block of Lake Drive, then hold a news conference about relief from high gas prices.

Tuesday’s appearance is one of three events Bachmann has scheduled in the St. Croix Valley. On Monday, the congresswoman will be in Stillwater for two ceremonies: one honoring retired Washington County Administrator Jim Schug and the other presenting copies of the St. Croix River Crossing bill to parties who worked on the bridge project.

Bachmann presents Schug with a Congressional Record statement honoring the former county administrator for his service to Washington County. Following that presentation, Bachmann will give archive-quality copies of the St. Croix Crossing bill to project supporters at an 8:30 a.m. presentation at the Historic Lift Bridge.

In case of inclement weather Monday, the ceremonies will be held at The Water Street Inn.

Bachmann’s appearance and news conference Tuesday in Lino Lakes comes amid growing concern about the impact of rising gasoline prices on the economic recovery. In a statement released Thursday, Bachmann criticized President Obama for policy regarding gas prices.

"Gas prices have risen over 110 percent since President Obama’s inauguration and are up 30 cents a gallon just this month," she said. "A recent Reuters poll verifies what we already knew, 68 percent of American are unhappy with the way President Obama is dealing with high gas prices."

Bachmann’s statement also notes the economic effect of high gas prices on her Minnesotans.

"Every time the price of gas goes up 10 cents, it costs the American economy $14 billion," she said. "But more importantly, when gas goes up 10 cents, it costs the average Minnesota household close to $100 a year. At the current price that means Minnesota families are shouldering an extra $2,000 a year in gasoline costs compared to when President Obama was inaugurated."

Bachmann also criticized the president’s claim that "there’s no silver bullet" to lowering gasoline prices, adding that "increasing oil production in the United States can lower the price of oil and, importantly, create thousands of jobs at home."

"The United States is the third largest oil producer in the world," she said. "Our problem is not that we lack energy – the problem is that we don’t have access to that energy. We have the energy, but this administration’s policies have kept most if it off limits."

Bachmann called on the Obama Administration to "cease its assault on domestic energy production," adding that the president should reverse his rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline.

"Energy is the lifeblood of our economy, and Minnesotans and all Americans deserve tangible solutions that will strengthen our energy future and provide relief from high gas prices – not the empty promises of subsidized, renewable energy. Washington must realize that expanding domestic production of oil is central to that strategy becuae Minnesotan’s pain at the pump is real."