County makes more property records available


More Washington County property records will soon flow on the information superhighway.

Persons searching the Internet for county property records can find more information after June 18 when the Board of Commissioners Tuesday set the fees for access to web documents.

The county began offering Internet access to tract index records in 2000. The move allows customers to access property records tract indexes, certificates of title and scanned images at sites away from the Government Center and expedites real estate records searches.

The county’s existing web access allows customers to search tract records from 1984 forward with a limit of 100 results, receive document images by automated e-mail service and order certificate of title images.

The Department of Property Records and Taxpayer Services is scheduled to release an improved remote access product June 18 that allows customers to:

n Search electronic tract index records from 1984 to the present.

n Inquire on certificates by name, legal description, document number and certificate number.

n Access historical tract indexes from the 1800s to 1984.

n Export search results.

n View, save and print document images, certificates of title and historical records.

The updated service also includes the County Board-approved fee schedule. Fees for web-accessed documents are a $30 monthly fee per individual user; a 50-cent search fee; $1.50 per document viewed; $2.50 per certificate of title viewed; $2.50 per tract card or tract page viewed, and $5 per plat viewed.

The county’s political subdivisions will not be charged for the service.