City officials meet with residents over waffles

By HANNAH JOHNSON – Stillwater Gazette

A group of Bayport residents knows the best place in town to get the scoop on the city.

Twenty seniors attended the waffle breakfast at the Bayport Senior Center Wednesday morning, a monthly ritual that brings people together to eat and socialize. Special to this month’s breakfast was the appearance of the city administrator and Bayport Police Chief, who both usually attend the event about four times a year to touch base with residents.

City Administrator Mitch Berg and Bayport Police Chief Laura Eastman were guest speakers and briefed the residents on the latest news of the city.

"The group likes to know what’s going on these days," Berg said. "This is a good way to get community ideas."

It’s also a good way to keep the people informed.

"There are a lot of evil people who prey on senior citizens," Berg said before the breakfast. "So we use these breakfasts as a conduit to both receive and give input."

As attendees were munching on blueberry waffles drizzled with syrup, whipped cream and, of course, blueberries, Berg opened up the breakfast with some community highlights as well as opening it up for any questions residents might have.

"There’s always thing happening in Bayport," said resident Warren Utecht. "This is a good deal for the community to come as questions."

Berg updated the group on the Bayport Public Library’s new library director, Mark Blando. Blando replaces long-time library director Kathy MacDonald, who has been the executive director since 1999.

"I encourage you to introduce yourselves to him and make him feel welcome," Berg said.

Berg brought another piece of good news to the residents. Preliminary reports from the Washington County Emergency Management office indicate there will e little or no spring flooding due to the low rain and snow in the St. Croix Valley this winter.

"If we don’t have to deal with flooding then we can invest in other services," Berg said.

Berg also requested feedback on the quality of the city’s parks, which residents overwhelmingly said the parks are good as they stand.

BPD Chief Laura Eastman also briefed the residents on an upcoming Yellow Ribbon spaghetti dinner fundraiser coming up on Saturday.

Eastman added that crime has been fairly quiet in the city recently.

Visit for upcoming waffle breakfasts at the senior center or check the Gazette’s calendar.