Are there rewards in heaven?


The question is asked: "Will God give rewards in Heaven? Does He keep track of what is done here on this earth?"

Yes, there will definitely be rewards in Heaven for good deeds done by those who have trusted Christ as Savior now in this life. It is no problem for the Creator God to keep track of things. They are written in His books, which are much more accurate than our computer records.

We might also ask what about the good deeds done by those who do not turn to Christ as Savior. That will be settled also in the degrees of punishment in the place called Hell. It’s a real place – just check your Bible.

Good deeds won’t save anyone’s soul, however. And to think that one’s punishment in Hell won’t be as great because of good deeds in this life would be fallacious reasoning. Eternity in darkness and torment are still that.

But let’s consider God’s rewards for those who serve Him.

The Bible contains many occasions of individuals doing the Lord’s work, whose names are not mentioned. In I Samuel 30, we read that David’s soldiers found a young man who had been left behind by a retreating enemy’s army. The Egyptian slave is not named, but he provided key information that helped David to rescue his family.

Think also of the young boy whose lunch of bread and fish was multiplied by Jesus to feed 5,000 men beside women and children (John 6:9).

Another nameless person was the owner of the colt on which Jesus rode into Jerusalem (Luke19:33). Consider also the owner of the house in which Jesus and His disciples ate the last Passover (Luke 22:11). Then there was the boy who saved Paul’s life (Acts 23:16-22). All of these shall receive rewards in heaven yet their names are not mentioned.

In our world today, there are many people who like Jesus Christ, do not receive recognition, never get their names published nor hear the applause of others. Many faithfully pray, sacrificially give and patiently suffer for Christ. Countless mothers quietly care for their families, and men and women courageously and unpraised here and now – but in heaven the last shall be first (Matthew 19:30).

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