Appalled at treatment of Cook at meeting

After watching the March 20 Stillwater council meeting, I was, and am, appalled at the way Mayor (Ken) Harycki treated Councilwoman Micky Cook. He accused her of representing only a minority of citizens who were opposed to the "big bridge," to which she responded that she would be happy to debate that issue with him again.

Micky has worked tirelessly to support a "more sensible bridge" concept. This overbearing attitude by the mayor is not an isolated instance; it has become a hostile environment.

In spite of attempts to intimidate Ms. Cook, she continues to look out for the city’s best interests, being very conscientious about how the city spends its money.

The city of Stillwater and its citizens deserve better. It is time for a "game change" in the leadership of Stillwater

Marcia Nelson

Oak Park Heights